• Bound For Sourabaya!

    OH, the moon shines bright, and we sail to-night,
    And we’re bound for Sourabaya!
    So it’s ‘Farewell, Jane!’ for we’re off again
    With the turning of the tide!... more »

  • Harvest Time

    When the cranky German waggon,
    With its ten or fifteen bag on
    Comes a-jerkin’ and a-joltin’ down the dusty, limestone street,... more »

  • Shifting Sand

    Do you see that post a-stickin in the sand?
    Just the point of it a-poking thro' the sand?
    Me and Madge put in that fence.
    Yes! We should have had more sense!... more »

  • The Mallee Fire

    I SUPPOSE it just depends on where you’re raised,
    Once I met a cove as swore by green belar!
    Couldn’t sight the good old mallee-stump I praised;
    Well!—I couldn’t sight belar, and there you are!... more »