• Disappear

    Forgive me if I break down and am never again the same,
    Forgive mefor my life is of misery and shame.
    I can not take it for I am driving myself insane,
    Forgive me for I do not even deserve to bear my own names.... more »

  • Father

    Where were you when I needed your help,
    You never came around I had to deal with my problems by myself.
    Tell me why you were never there,
    You almost let my brother drown you did not care.... more »

  • Her

    I want her but she wants another,
    She is everything I see as the perfect lover.
    Every time she looks at me I get lost in her eyes,
    If only she'd open her eyes and suddenly realize.... more »

  • Wild Ones

    The time of the wild ones is at hand,
    Through darkness they spread across the land.
    Burning everything in their path,
    Nothing cabln escape their wrath.... more »