• Phenomenal African Man

    Erected several inches above six,
    Shoulders as broad as the earth's scope,
    Eyes as white as a sheet - and intense,
    A smile so vivid and dimples so deep,... more »

  • Till Thou See Mine Next Face

    Ye whom I chanced on while on the journey,
    Remarkable a smile’s what thou perceived,
    Complete with two dimples so profound,
    And teeth so white and as marble precious,... more »

  • Unworthy

    How unworthy art thou
    That ye are begot to be unfit for love
    That at thy sight love indiscriminately hideths
    Oh son of man, that thy words patronize love... more »

  • We Have Been One

    As much a thought a return unto clay to mine’s
    merely indifferent,
    My heart’s sole thirst is that not the grim death
    shalt stop its beat,... more »