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I am poet and I am from Belgrade, and I live through II world war - my dear brother Charles = I was born 1935. Big solut-hello. Mirjana-Arizona
a translation into Italian of the poem 'Meet Eddie' by Charles Simic: 'Meet Eddie' VI PRESENTO EDDIE Che ha una vita felice come una lattina di birra che precipita a valle lungo un torrente, che gira alla larga da alcune rocce mentre sbatte a capofitto contro altre, e che si lancia un un vortice da far girare la testa come una bambina sullo sgabello di un pianoforte, con l’acqua che urla al suo rapido passare: Sei pronto ad affrontare il tuo Creatore? E il bosco attorno comincia a sfoltirsi e agli alberi si rizzano i capelli in testa mentre lui si prepara ad affrontare le cascate come un cieco legato alla sua fisarmonica. (Charles Simic - poem tramslated by Damiano Abeni e Moira Egan)
Simic is one of my desert island poets...I've esteemed him with the best of 20th century poets. I was surprised to learn he became laureate...guess I figured he was too good to be honored by the US Government. Growing up under Nazi occupation would tend to attune one to the eerie and fantastic. Always a plate of wilted mushrooms served by a one legged dancer....a cornucopia of corn...nbd
Aren't we all your metaphor of a meek sheep with dark truth under our eyelids? And what are we going to do about it? / Hamlet's dilemma or waiting for Godo... Isn't all our life about it?
Simic got the poet laureate job the other day. I never heard of him before. Some poet. So I been checking him out on the web. Reading his stuff. He has an interview where he quips. He might be a funny guy. Likes jazz. I might like him but first I need to pick him apart.