I am an avg student who sometimes stays up late and writes a few things down...and i wonder what people think of what i write...i like to sing and like to be in plays...id like to write my own songs someday and it would be my dream to be in movies or on broadway someday but more realistically i want to be a doctor...i love football basketball hockey and most other sports and i appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff


Charles Tomar Poems


One hot day, being as bored I as was, I went looking for some fun,
So I decided to go fishing, in hopes that I’d catch the big one.
The sun was shining; it was a beautiful day,
I wasn’t catching much but soon I’d find a way.... more »

The Giant Cabbage Of Inle

A great long time ago
In a warren far away... more »

Love Is A Dream

Love is a dream,
One I’ve had before.
Love is a dream,
I am asleep.... more »

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