• After Midnight

    IT is at morning twilight they expire;
    Death takes in hand, when midnight sounds,
    Millions of bodies in their beds,
    And scarcely anybody thinks of it ...... more »

  • An Inn

    IT is an inn there is
    At the cross-roads of Chétives-Maisons,
    In the land where it is always cold.... more »

  • And Yet

    NO water has abiding dwelling-place
    Within one feeble hollow of the earth,
    Which with the sky is face to face.
    Let the noon glow, and the wind blow,... more »

  • Chrysanthemums

    AT the black foot of trellises, by almond-branches shaded,
    At the heart of corbeils, at the breast of bowers,
    And all along the loam of avenues,
    Are fallen faded,... more »

  • Commentary

    HERE, before me, the lamp, the paper;
    And behind me this troubled day
    Passed in myself... more »

  • Invective

    MAN whom I work for, I am angry with you;
    But not because you pay me to possess
    My loveliest day of days, my dearest hours,... more »

  • Landscape

    THIS was indeed a spot where sickly earth
    Was poorly clad;
    Roads strewn with slag, and gathered stones,
    And nettle-blinded puddles.... more »

  • Song

    HOPING for nothing, to walk through the streets,
    This is a better fate than men believe,
    Because you can behold the passing by... more »