• Another Day At School

    School is fun but a deppresing place
    as no one wants to be there
    you can tell by there frowning face
    that no one seems to care... more »

  • As Sick As Me

    One day I woke up and felt so ill
    Id lay there eyes open and still
    As i got up this pain was in my head
    I tried pinching myself to see if I was dead... more »

  • Dust

    Dust dust is every where its on the floor and in your hair.
    Dust dust is every where its on your bed and in the air.
    If there were no dust the air would be so clear.
    I wish it was and that way everyone would cheer.... more »

  • Family's

    Familys are greater then any car or house
    Familys are stronger then any animal, whale or mouse
    Familys are never forgotten far or wide
    Your family loves you from whatever side... more »

  • Not Snow Again

    Snow is smooth, freezing and white.
    Hopefully it snows tomorrow.
    Who knows it might.
    It comes down slowly, and on to the floor.... more »

  • One Love Only

    A soul empty and grey
    in which a face stares bold
    each and every day
    your voice is bland and cold... more »

  • The Girl Of My Dreams

    You are the girl of my dreams so charming and funny
    i wish i could take you out but i have no money
    i wish i wish thats what ill do
    to have one wish, it would to be with you... more »

  • The Trenches Of War

    The weather was foggy, murky but not clear
    Then bombs were dropped far and near.
    A bang went off, further down the trench
    I then felt my hand tightly clench... more »