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Charlotte Ballard Poems

A Poet's Heart

Who knows what's is in
A poet's heart-it could be
Rainbows and candy apples
Ferris wheels or Topsy Turvys... more »

Ode To Pizza

You delight the nose with evocative
Promise of stringy cheese, pepperoni
And tomato sauce warm. Each piece
Contested over, grabbed, hungered over... more »

Two Watchers

I saw a leaf fall today
Burnt orange oak
Drifting down alone -
All its fellows... more »

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Paul Slinski 11 Apr 2005 10:49
Some people are never happy unless they are complaining about something. Makes me wonder if they have some kind of cult somewhere that we don't know about. Great words, Charlotte. Very easy for me to relate to. Poetry as a comfortable chair. You are in my friends list.