• Apple Pips And Bubbles

    Bubbles fizzing in my mouth,
    Lilac flowers bloom,
    Drowning the sorrows,
    In this empty room.... more »

  • Grazing Grey And Hazel

    Gazing into your deep eyes,
    Yellow and jade pressed into your skin,
    I pressed into your core,
    I dream it’s real this time.... more »

  • I Stumble

    I stumble,
    Tumble, down and down.... more »

  • Mako Eyes

    The blue green curls of mako eyes,
    The way they look as you pass me by,
    The shine the shimmer,
    The truth they hold,... more »

  • Nothing To Convey

    As I stagger in the darkness,
    You call out to me,
    As I run as far as I can,
    You cry to me,... more »

  • Outside This Window

    The ducks on a brunette river,
    We are caged in auburn rock,
    Plunged into darkness,
    The silence ache my ears.... more »

  • Place In My Head

    Black muddled curls and tears on white fur,
    Out of the window,
    The sun sets for the last time.... more »

  • Reiki Wings

    Reiki Wings

    These wings are getting heavy,
    To much of a burden to endure,... more »

  • Spark

    A glance, a smile, an ember.

    There is something there,
    Always was,... more »

  • Was It?

    Was it a glimpse a glimmer in those pretty blue eyes?
    It could have been an angel’s wing just gliding by.

    Was it a cloud that was over my head?... more »

  • With You

    Being in love with you is like a ray of sunshine after a thunderstorm,
    Its like leaves trapped in the autumn breeze,
    I would sell my soul for an extra day in your arms.... more »

  • You

    You slumber,
    The shallow breath raising your chest,
    Not even a sound.... more »

  • Your Mine

    As I rest here,
    I try to comprehend the way you make me feel,
    I memorise.... more »