• Choices

    Everyone has choice in life
    Some easy some hard
    Life-changing... more »

  • Fear

    There is nothing to fear but fear itself
    A bullet misses you as it passes by your ear
    Yet there is nothing to fear
    Its just a game nothing to worry about... more »

  • Quiet Rain

    You came to me quiet as rain not yet fallen
    Afraid of how you might fail yourself
    The fear I see in your now lying face changes to puzzlement as my hands reach to embrace you
    You come to me with your age wrapped in excuses and afraid of its silence... more »

  • That Girl

    That Girl I can't get her outta my head
    That Girl I think about her when I go to bed

    That Girl she is driving me so insane... more »

  • Weird

    I started to type an email but,
    The letters on the screen don't match
    I try again, staring at the screen
    Feeling as if I'm in some weird movie... more »