• A Brother! ! !

    A brother! ! !
    A brother, a son and a family member to many others
    Two arms of love that would let no one touch us,
    My brother, a man with a familey who loves him.... more »

  • Him

    A wisper of
    A moment of space in my heart with a
    TIME and a PLACE... more »

  • Once Again U Decide

    Be my inspiration
    in my time of need
    please jus let
    me... more »

  • Only God Can Judge Me! ! ! !

    Only God can judge me! ! ! !

    Only God can judge me. Back in the day I was not the one that you would have applauded for doing something great. I was the one that peer pressure got to. So I failed, but now I strive for success because somebody special told me that only God can judge me.... more »

  • The Real Me! ! !

    Who am I this girl you see?
    The girl you see isn't me
    I hide in darkness, but I am a shadow in the light
    You wouldn't know me if you seen me in plain sight... more »

  • Time My Past My Future! ! !

    Time My Past My Future
    The time is racing my past behind me
    My past in front,... more »

  • True Feeligings

    only time will tell
    i miss you already, my heart beats constant for you
    its oh so steady,
    the sound of your voice, the words from your lips... more »