• Aftermath

    Standing here, wondering what happened to all we had
    I can no longer keep harboring over the past
    That even though you made things go from good to bad
    I still will always have you in my heart, a piece that will last... more »

  • Bumps And Bruises

    I can see the pain in your eyes
    I can feel all of your new scars
    I can hear your dolorious cries
    I can taste your salty tears... more »

  • Changes

    The first cut, oh no look how deep
    The blood now is starting to seep
    Taking the edge off from the pain I feel
    It's actually making my pain real... more »

  • Choking

    I put a smile on the outside
    'Cause I'm hurting on the inside
    I say I'm fine but that's not the truth
    I keep swallowing my pain... more »

  • Confusion

    Was it all a waste of time?
    Time that I'll never get back
    Did I simply waste form life
    Life that may take awhile to get back on track?... more »

  • Deadly Plague

    What will I think when i see you
    Will those feelings start to flood my mind
    Or will I be happy that I left you behind
    There's something familiar... more »

  • Dictonary

    Define Pain

    How it makes one somehow feel numb when everything is painful... more »

  • Drawing This Line

    You crush
    You hate
    You push
    You take... more »

  • Far More

    You said that I could leave
    And that you would understand if I would go
    But just because things get tough, doesnt mean I'll leave, doncha know?
    I care for you so much and I hate to see you down and out... more »

  • Field Of Disaster

    Crashing in the field of disaster
    All hits the fan
    There´s not such thing as ¨Happlit ever after¨
    Even though we all want to believe and understand... more »

  • Here And Now

    I never knew so many emotions, as I do now
    I feel every kind of one there could ever be
    And yet I have no idea how I feel as of now
    Everything I feel now, is because of you, you did this to me... more »

  • Into The World

    Ready to move on from the nest
    I can't believe it's time for me to graduate
    I wont be stopping now, 'cause there's no time for rest
    Looking forward now and I just cant wait... more »

  • Jaded Thoughts

    Confusiong fills me brain, my mind
    I want to move one and leave this behind
    I've been handed this opportunity
    But is this where I'm suppose to be?... more »

  • Lamentations

    She weeps in the night
    Tears are falling on the floor
    She doesnt feel right
    She wants things like before... more »

  • Left To Fall

    It coudlve been so different
    If you didnt walk out
    It could've been so perfect
    If you knew what i was all about... more »

  • M.I.A

    I've lost me again
    Where did I go
    Few days this is how it's been
    What happened I need to know... more »

  • My Appologies

    I'm sorry, it's just my feelings are there, for you
    I'm sorry, please dont say i didnt care, for you
    I won't be able to live with myself if I hurt you
    'Cause I promised I'd never do such a thing... more »

  • Never Become You

    Sititng in my room
    Trying to remember my last thoguht of you
    By thinking about you, I realize I am who i am because of you
    ALl that you put me through... more »

  • No Way Out

    A little girl hiding under the table
    Trying to get away from the beating
    But before she knows it, he rips the cable
    And beats her until she starts bleeding... more »

  • Odd One Out

    No one knows me name
    Oh it's a shame
    Just get to know me
    Wont be a waste, you'll see... more »

  • Past The Scars

    looking in the reflection
    staring back me
    are scars of who i used to be
    a tear should fall... more »

  • Running Backwards

    I'm fed up with you
    I'm to the point where I can't stand you
    Everything you do makes me want to puke
    Soon I'll be finally through... more »

  • Sense Of Betrayal

    A burning sensation starting at my feet, running to my heart
    I've never felt something like this before
    All we had, is it all torn apart?
    All becuase of one mishap, my heart strings are torn... more »

  • The Elements

    You’re captivating me with all that you do

    Just like a sun rise you brighten my day
    Like the rain you cool me down... more »

  • The Instagator

    You come in wanting to start a fight
    You want to always cause strife
    Being who I am, I just can't let it go
    So I give into your words... more »