• No Child Of God

    Twisted sentiments,
    Of a vague description,
    A warped taste for blood,
    And my own conviction.... more »

  • Oh, For A Man.

    Oh, somewhere theres a man,
    Of great proportions,
    Who can make my knees buckle,
    With his charm.... more »

  • Ol Bourbon Blues

    I'm sitting here wasted,
    Just playing my song,
    Im broken in peices,
    Please sing along.... more »

  • Passion

    Im a menace,
    I am crazy,
    Im sincere,
    Sometimes a lady.... more »

  • Paul

    I remember it so clearly,
    That weeping, crying day,
    when all my courage vanished,
    When i had nothing else to say.... more »

  • Please Dont Ask

    It’s always been a game to us,
    I hurt you then you hurt me,
    The deeper the scars seem to form,
    The more we are happy.... more »

  • Seasons In Love

    When I first met you,
    Your love was like a Summers day,
    Surrounding me in warmth,
    Giving new life to my world,... more »

  • Sexual Fantasy

    There is nothing more beautiful,
    Or quite simply divine,
    As the touch of your body,
    When it’s held against mine.... more »

  • Sick Of You

    This has gone on long enough,
    Im tired of the pain,
    Everytime you make me happy,
    You have to kick me down again.... more »

  • Tears Of Clarity.

    They say time is a healer,
    But I am yet to heal,
    They tell me I'll get over it,
    But I'm liking how I feel.... more »

  • Thats Ok

    You kick me to the ground,
    Cursing my existence.
    Thats ok,
    I dont mind,... more »

  • The Heart

    A heart simply will not break,
    What it does is shatter,
    It cant live without the warmth,
    Of love to make it matter.... more »

  • The Horrors Of The Night

    The Horrors of the night,
    Attacking my senses,
    Like a ghoul of ghastly,
    Sentiments.... more »

  • What Happens?

    A painted clown,
    A silly face,
    A misguided word,
    Cant be erased.... more »

  • What Is Life?

    I was asked the other day,
    'In what do you believe? ',
    So i sat and pondered,
    About what life meant to me.... more »

  • Who Are You?

    Why must you always stare me down,
    And prove you are so strong?
    Hold me by my throat, dear man,
    In case it’s me that’s wrong.... more »

  • You Are Cruel

    Hurting with abandonment,
    My sleep is cased in trouble,
    I let you invade my fortress,
    And see me as vulnerable.... more »