• Confusion

    I love you, I hate you, I'm so confused!

    Who am I to like them all,
    To claim them as my own?... more »

  • How Do I Cope?

    You say your going to a party with a friend
    My heart drops
    I know your going to drink
    And there's not a thing I can do about it.... more »

  • 'If'

    If you teach people things they never knew,
    If you care for others more than you care for yourself,
    If you still lick the leftover batter off the spoon,
    If your favorite blanket is a patchwork quilt,... more »

  • If Only..

    If only he knew…
    How much I liked him,
    Then maybe he would like me too,
    But no I’m too shy to tell him,... more »

  • Lessons

    We hurt others to cover up our pain
    But we never want them to hurt us back.
    Yet it is fairness that we lack.
    If we learn this trait it would be our gain.... more »

  • Life Is Fragile

    I walk into class everyday and see her smiling face
    my day is instantly brighter
    One day not to far down the line I walk into class and see the faces of crying people
    my teacher tells me we have lost someone and leave the room... more »

  • Missunderstood

    'Just do it and you'll feel better'
    That's all I ever hear.
    But do you know how hard it is?
    Getting out of bed,... more »