i am a fun loving girl that surprisingly writes these dark, weird poems that come out of nowhere at times.my friend ashley sometimes can give me my inspirations, she is the awsomest friend i have on here! some inspirations come from my feelings, life, and the world around me.
can i help with ur poems or u can help me, we all get stuck, dont we?


Chelsea Pace Poems

Fallen Darkness

You are the fallen dark angel,
angel of death as u may be called,
i called ur name the other day,
to say i am ready to prove my love,... more »

Cold Love

Love; love; love,
i hate the blessed day the thing came,
it means nothing to me anymore,
why did u bring it apon me,... more »


you said you would stay
u did
then you found her
'you promised' i said... more »

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