• A Loving Gesture

    A hand, so silky; smooth.
    Has caressed my cheek,
    it stayed in the middle,
    and then dropped.... more »

  • A Poem By A Dear Friend Called 'Mail Call'

    Mail Call

    Darkness and loneliness fill... more »

  • Cold Love

    Love; love; love,
    i hate the blessed day the thing came,
    it means nothing to me anymore,
    why did u bring it apon me,... more »

  • Fallen Darkness

    You are the fallen dark angel,
    angel of death as u may be called,
    i called ur name the other day,
    to say i am ready to prove my love,... more »

  • Gotta Go

    no more time,
    no more talk,
    no later,
    no ever,... more »

  • Heart

    Thump, Thump, Thump.
    Bump, Bump, Bump.
    This is what my heart does,
    when I think of him.... more »

  • Him

    I feel so weak,
    sayin this to you.
    I'm not afraid,
    to live without you.... more »

  • Im Sorry

    im srry i could never be there
    to tell u how much i cared
    to tell u that i loved you
    to comfort u when u were upset... more »

  • Just Listen

    ... more »

  • Our Angel

    she has left,
    now a angel up in heaven,
    i miss her so,
    but now she is out of her misery,... more »

  • Peace

    I should be sorry,
    not you.
    This is happening to you,
    it's already happend for me.... more »

  • Silence

    A silent whisper,
    A silent call,
    A silent cry,
    A silent scream.... more »

  • Stay

    you said you would stay
    u did
    then you found her
    'you promised' i said... more »

  • The Death Poem

    what do u see,
    when its ur time to leave,
    a bright light at the end of a tunnel,
    the lord himself,... more »

  • The Missed Love

    what we miss of u,
    ur love,
    ur kisses,
    ur hugs,... more »

  • The Way

    the new way,
    has yet to be accomplished
    or touched,
    i want to go the new way... more »

  • Wonder

    What goes through him?
    Life, love, happiness, greed, or nothing?
    I wonder all day and night.
    Why is it so hard?... more »