• Forgetting Not Holding On

    Sometimes its just better, just to forget
    Not always remembering is not something to regret
    Holding on is not always good
    Holding on to something bad is not something you should... more »

  • Forgotten

    Back in the dark is were i will go
    not a one of you even know
    that was not even fair at all
    you're the ones who let me fall... more »

  • Friends Are Not Worth Loseing

    friends are not worth loseing
    boyfriends really arn't worth choseing
    a friend is always there
    boyfriends don't even care... more »

  • Frozen In Bed Frozen In Fear

    Sitting awake late in my bed at night
    Shivering something just doesn't feel right
    The door slowly creeks open sending shivers thourgh me
    The room is to dark to really see... more »

  • Get It Now

    Get it now
    Don't you see
    I use to think
    That mom and dad were ment to last... more »

  • Get Over It

    get over it
    you really make me sick
    your driveing me crazy
    god stop being so lazy... more »

  • Give Me The Help I Need

    Someone just break the chain,
    Wash away the nightmares with the rain,
    Someone please just take my hand,
    Just explain to me for I don't understand,... more »

  • Going On That Ride

    our night of fun is meant to last
    We seem to forget about the past
    Running around laughing with so worry at all
    We held each other close to never fall... more »

  • Gone

    There in my darkest dreams
    Everything is ok or at least it seems
    I've choked back so many tears
    losing everthing is one big fear... more »

  • Goodbye

    I don't know anymore if what I'm doing is right
    The darkness over comes every bit of light
    I stand here choking back ever tears
    Trying hard to forget about my many fears... more »

  • Growing Up So Fast

    Gowing up so very fast
    all the sweet memroies will last
    something i will never forget
    all the people i have met... more »

  • Ha Whats So Crazy?

    Something that made me open my eyes
    Yeah people are going to hear a bunch of lies
    I just don’t need the drama any more
    I’m sitting in my dark room on the floor... more »

  • Hardest Thing To Say 'Good-Bye'

    Walking down this road again
    Never knowing when it will end
    Just passing people by
    Never stopping to say hi... more »

  • He (Was) My World And So Much More

    It’s hard to grasp that he hurt me
    I am so hurt all my friends can see
    My heart was once his
    The worse thing about this is... more »

  • Hear My Calls Out To You

    Hear my calls out to you
    If only you knew the things that I know
    Hear me scream from this living nightmare
    Put your hand on my heart and feel my heart tare... more »

  • Heart Breaking

    heart breaking
    crying and all the lying
    its too much to handle
    its never going to be fair for her and i... more »

  • Heavens Step

    Walking down this pretty path
    With flowers all around
    Sweet smells in the air
    Walking through this garden... more »

  • Her Growing Up

    Her growing up so fast
    Watching as the days go by
    Seeing her lovely face
    Smiles like an angel... more »

  • Her Heart Is Breaking

    her heart is breaking
    everyone keeps takeing
    all the lies
    she sits in the dark and crys... more »

  • Her Perfect Dream

    They cuddle close wrapped up in a cover
    Everything perfect knowing they love each other
    Tilting her head back for a sweet kiss
    He truly is her every wish... more »

  • Here We Are

    here we are no one else
    it's over no more changes
    you can't go back
    now you have to live... more »

  • Hes My World And So Much More

    Its hard to grasp that he's with me
    I am so happy all of my friends can see
    My heart will always be his
    The great thing about him is... more »

  • Hope I Can See

    You hold your self up so strong
    You make is seem as nothing is wrong
    Even though you have this broken heart
    When everything around you seems to fall apart... more »

  • How Dare You

    how dare you lie
    you made her cry
    see what you made her do
    i am thinking about doing it to... more »

  • I Believe In The Hands That Hold Me

    A life of a girl no one thinks is going to make it through
    She fights with everything she has, and does what she has to,
    Growing up she’ll be leaving for college soon, and on her own,
    Proving to everyone who doubts her she can do it all alone,... more »