• I Can'T I Hide It Any More

    There I can’t hide this any more
    I am going to open this dark and scary door
    Wishing this would all just end
    But I know that’s not how I am going to mend... more »

  • I Cant Love Him Any More

    I cant love him any more
    i cant help but not be sure
    there too much they're for me
    how can this be... more »

  • I Can'T Make It With Out You

    I can't make it without you
    Nor do I ever want to
    I'm going to pray
    For you to just stay... more »

  • I Did It

    I did in once
    it felt sure
    I did it twice
    it felt great... more »

  • I Don'T Want This Any More

    Every tear that falls I have you to thank
    Every pain I felt is because of you
    Every time I see you I fall for your lies
    YOur hurting me more than you can ever know... more »

  • I Don'T Want To Cry Any More

    I don't want to cry any more
    I don't want to hurt so bad
    I don't want to love you
    I don't want to care... more »

  • I Feel Like I Being

    I feel like I'm being torched my a lighter
    I don't want to have to be the fighter
    I want that little bit of hope
    I just need time to cope... more »

  • I Feel So

    I feel so alone
    I feel so out of place
    something is wrong
    and won't go away... more »

  • I Find My Self Alone

    I find my self alone
    cold and in the dark
    I find my self in tears
    all because of this pain... more »

  • I Got To Get Away

    Nothing I'm doing is right
    I guess I'm just losing sight
    Everything went so wrong
    I can't take it I can still stay strong... more »

  • I Guess This It, This Is The End

    As the rain falls all around me
    I just stand there it's very hard to see
    I can't but to wonder about this never ending day
    I was standing right in front of him with nothing to say... more »

  • I Have A Friend

    I have a freind
    she is so sweet
    I tell her alot
    she's like my treasure... more »

  • I Know

    I know that you love me
    I know that you care
    and for that I thank you
    but you really weren't there... more »

  • I Love You Dad But I'M Sorry

    Sometimes I wonder if you even care
    I really don't remember you being there
    I can't stand it when you lie
    I gave up now it's not even worth to cry... more »

  • I' M Standing

    I'm standing on glass
    and its about to break
    I'm going to fall
    away from you... more »

  • I Never

    I never knew it was hard
    I never thought that it would come back
    I never knew I'd give in
    I never thought you'd say that... more »

  • I Never Want To Lose You

    I never want to lose you
    Life with out you is nothing
    Your that light that shines in my life
    Your so much like my sis... more »

  • I Once Was In Love

    I once was in love with you
    Now I'm so very through
    You said all those lies to me
    I wish you could just see... more »

  • I Put A Tiny Cut

    I put a tiny cut just to see it bleed
    to watch the blood flow like a stream
    I am not even going to scream
    I really want to die... more »

  • I Still Have It All

    You tried to bring me down
    You tried to take whats mine
    Made me keep on running even after no breath left
    Tore my heart out thinking it was a game... more »

  • I Use To Have Such A Sweet Heart

    You know at one time I loved you
    Maybe by some small chance you loved me to
    Yeah I know I did self harm
    All up and down my arm... more »

  • I Wish I Could Trun Back

    I wish I could trun back time
    I wish I could still call you mine
    I wish there was no more lieing
    I wish I didn't feel like dieing... more »

  • I Wish There Was Hope

    I wish there was hope
    its very hard to cope
    kowning hes not mine
    I cant step off this line... more »

  • If Only You Can See

    There are things I can never tell
    I have a life alot like hell
    You will never see it
    But I have a black spirit... more »

  • If So Does It Last Forever To

    I'm lost again someway somehow
    Nothing seems to make sense of right now
    Trying very hard to let go of the past
    Yet I always seem to end up where I start last... more »