• I'M Done

    Getting i dizzy from the spinning
    Tired of all the running
    Ready to give it all up now
    You say it will be better but how?... more »

  • I'M Falling For This Guy

    I'm falling for this guy
    all I can say is oh my
    I smile when I see him
    should I go on a limb... more »

  • I'M Letting It Take Over My Life

    I'm letting this take over my life and more
    This is it I have to face it I can't walk back through that door
    I just wanted to live my life and me a normal kid
    Yet for some reason there was so much people hid... more »

  • I'M Not

    I'm not so sure any more
    I can't stand on my own
    I'm falling from heavon
    I can't stop doing so wrong... more »

  • I'M Not Your Girl

    I'm not your girl
    Nor do I want to be
    I'm sorry I'm not her
    I cant be your little ho... more »

  • I'M Now Standing At Heavons Gate

    As the whispers of the wind catch my hair
    Sticking my feet in the sand something so fair
    As my hair blows softly across my face
    I walk in such a gentle pace... more »

  • I'M The Night Angel

    I'm the night angel
    I swore only at night
    I don't like the light
    I'm the mean one... more »

  • Imaging

    Running fast and trying to hide
    I can hear his shoes hit the ground behind
    To afraid to look back
    Everything around me is black... more »

  • In The Dark For So Long

    In the dark for so long
    Never to see the light again
    Its always the same thing
    Never to be seen... more »

  • In The Hands Of Another

    In the hands of another
    I want to run for cover
    My heart is dieing
    From all this hurtful lieing... more »

  • In The Past

    Behind the hidden door
    Now with things I'm so unsure
    I never thought I was waisting time on this fight
    Maybe I just forgot what was right... more »

  • In The Shadows

    I stand here in the shadows of my broken heart
    Knowing this was wrong from the start
    As I stand here trying to think about it all
    What made me lose my girp and fall... more »

  • In The Shadows Of Her Broken Heart

    As I stand in the shadows od her broken heart
    Watching as the world about her falls apart
    Not able to say a world to save her from her fears
    I can't even wipe away her tears... more »

  • Inlove With You Forever3

    Inlove with you forever
    Our first kiss I still remember
    Everytime you said you loved me
    Everything you made me see... more »

  • Inlove With Your Perfict Lie

    I shouldn't have these's tears
    There's so many fears
    Theres something I don't understand
    Why did you grave my hand?... more »

  • Is Our Friendship Ment To Last

    Is out friendship ment to last
    Or shall it just fall apart
    Despite what they all say
    Will it always be you and I... more »

  • Its A Pretty Sight To See

    its a pretty sight to see
    when it was justt you and me
    our love was very strong
    i still dont know what went so very wrong... more »

  • Its A Pretty Sight To See

    Its a pretty sight to see
    When it was just you and me
    Our love was very strong
    I still don't know what went so very wrong... more »

  • It's All Me Now

    wanting someone to just stay true
    the big thing is who
    I keep on trying and trying
    Yet i always end up crying... more »

  • It's Almost Like A Romeo And Juliet Story To Be

    She's still sitting there
    With the words still sworing through the air
    She wonders will anything ever be right
    She cries and cries all night... more »

  • It's My Worst Fear

    I have a nightmare were its just me
    There's no light so I can't see
    It feels like I'm running down a hall
    All of the sudden I start to fall... more »

  • Its Not A Dream Any More

    Its not a dream any more
    you have to be the one to close the door
    love was once a beautful thing
    maybe one day you will wear that ring... more »

  • Its Such A Scary Feeling

    Its such a scary feeling
    not haveing you in my life
    the thought of loseing you
    it makes me want to cry... more »

  • Joey You

    joey you were always there
    and no matter what you were always care
    we live so far apart
    you have such a big heart... more »

  • Just A Pretty Face

    She always sits there with a smile
    No one has seen her cry for a wile
    She is always so very strong
    There is no person that knows anything is wrong... more »