• Riping My Own Heart

    I'm ripeing my own heart
    So that this can't start
    Its easer to say goodbye
    Then to just say hi... more »

  • Run Your Mouth Like You Always Do

    Run your mouth like you always do
    Thats not really any thing new
    You say we are friends
    But I know thats a lie... more »

  • Seeing Whats Really Real

    seing whats really real
    thats how you will feel
    never thought he could
    i knew i would... more »

  • Shall It Ever Be

    Shall it ever be
    This cant be it for me
    I'm not done
    How can there be none... more »

  • She Sits Alone

    she sits alone in the dark
    she hides her fears behind that smile
    her love for him is so very strong
    but he will never know... more »

  • Shes Dead Laying There

    This girl is standing right here
    With tears of such sorrow
    WIshing she knew what went so very wrong
    As the blade cut accross her arm... more »

  • Smileing For Once

    Smileing for once
    Can't belive its me
    Wow what a change
    I feel way different now... more »

  • So Different And Yet So Alike

    You and I are very different
    yet we are the same
    How can this really be
    I share all your thoughts... more »

  • Some Day You Will Know

    someday you will know i love you
    then again can you say you love me to?
    how is it that your with she
    instead of sweet little me?... more »

  • Something Hidden

    I'm lost within my mind
    Looking for something I will never find
    My heart is in half
    It gets hard to laugh... more »

  • Something So Innocent

    Something so innocent took a drastically tragic turn
    There was taught a heart breaking lesson had been learnd
    Coming to realize lost unfaithful lies
    Screaming out in all the pain and cries... more »

  • Somethings Arn'T Ment To Be

    Somethings arn't ment to be
    Things like you and me
    I wish this wasn't true
    I hate thats its not me and you... more »

  • Somethings Are So Unreal, Like A Dream

    Somethings are so unreal, like a dream
    Butterflies in my Stomach making me want to scream
    Its funny how I met you
    How fast I started to care about you to!... more »

  • Sometimes I Feel

    Sometimes I feel as if I am falling.
    Sometimes I feel as if the world around me never stops spinning
    Sometimes I feel like giving up and letting everything go
    Sometimes I feel like a puppet in a show... more »

  • Somthing I Have To Say

    Memories are mint to last
    It’s about the fun we had in the past
    Like running down the street in the rain
    We seem to share the same pain... more »

  • Sorry Ending

    I cannot help now but to cry!
    Why could not any one realize?
    This was all coming to an end
    I cant pretend... more »

  • Stop Choking Me!

    Is this real or is it a dream
    Why can't I scream?
    Everythings all black I can't see
    Stop choking me!... more »

  • Sweet Love

    As she lays there with a smile on her face
    He sits besides her kissing her sweet lips
    The shivers that run through her body and more
    Oh baby he says with that sparkle in his eyes... more »

  • Sweet Thoughts

    It burns like the sun
    It's as blue as the sky
    It's as red as a rose
    It's that sparkle in your eyes... more »

  • Taken Away

    I can’t help but to feel like I’m falling
    Losing a grip that was never there
    Going to hit the ground harder this time
    Not ever knowing why... more »

  • Taken Away By The Thruth

    When did I become your enemy?
    What happend to out memory?
    You seem to judge when its not right
    Making people cry in the middle of the night... more »

  • Tears That Fall Like Rain

    Tears that fall like rain
    Its such a hard thing to hide
    Why did I have to be the one cry
    Couldn't it have been him... more »

  • The Boy Who Caught My Eye

    Walking through the door to see him sitting there
    I smiled when my friend said he's looken over here
    Later that night he held my hand
    What I was feeling I didn't understand... more »

  • The Boy Who Caught My Eye With His Lies

    When I walked through the door and saw you there
    We became something great, I thought you would always be here
    I wish you never would have hald my hand
    Back then I thought I knew but now I understand... more »

  • The Dangers In My Mind

    The fire that burns behind my eyes
    The hatered from all the lies
    You can feel the coldness on my hand, the warmth you can't find
    The dangers in my mind... more »