• Black Feather

    Scribe your name with the tip of a feather,
    Your sweat as the ink
    And your grave as the post.
    Write a letter of your past... more »

  • Change

    In your moment of doubt
    The thought of change floats
    waving across your mind
    caressing your mind's temporary fever.... more »

  • Delicious Night

    Delicious Night

    Oh night,
    Oh how sweet you are to the heart and to thy soul,... more »

  • Empty

    My heart is empty as a grave,
    My penalty black as the coffin,
    When I am empty I hear no sound,
    The forest of life has no more life,... more »

  • Ice Illusion

    What is ice
    but water set to a certain temperature
    What is peace but
    an illusion for the hopeless... more »