• A Friend Is A Friend

    A friend is a friend
    This much is true
    Best friends we were
    Me and you... more »

  • Changing Winds

    The sun shines down heating her skin
    The wind is still, today she’ll win
    She lies on her tummy watching the world
    This place is her oyster and she sees her pearl... more »

  • Complicated Simplicity

    There is nothing but deep silence around me
    Only the faint feel of a wind long dead in this place
    The dying sky is a paler shade than ivory
    Licked with bleeding lips of lace... more »

  • Daddy

    In the pouring rain I see her standing
    The cold wind blowing against her naked legs
    She used to be such a grand thing
    Before daddy sent her to work in the kegs... more »

  • Dance Of Addiction

    The grass dances to the rhythmic beat
    Of wind toiling high in the evergreen
    Moving with ease under the strobed moonlight
    Dappled images swaying in their sight... more »

  • Fears Of A Little Girl

    She sits quietly in the corner of her bedroom.
    Windows and curtains shut.
    Smudged make-up filthies her young face.
    Tears crystallize in an eternity of regret.... more »

  • Fish Fever

    This week end I went fishing
    A fish in mind to catch
    I went wishing, wishing, wishing
    To catch a perfect catch... more »

  • Kiss Of Hunger

    I walk up to the mirror
    The one placed near my bed
    I take a deep look within
    Only to notice my lips are red... more »

  • My Passion

    As the chilling breeze enters my mind
    I feel around for the inspirations I find
    Picking up pieces of lives off the floor
    My passion is a world with many an open door... more »

  • Regret

    Pitter-patter, pitter-patter
    Rain drizzles down my soul
    A slight shower turns to a storm
    While my hands are cupped like a bowl... more »

  • So Much Fun

    I don’t know how to word, all the feelings that cross my soul
    When he touches me so gently, when we willingly become whole
    The sensations are too great, the feeling is so raw
    The beauty that we create, lust-driven to want more... more »

  • The Path Of Rain

    A shower of relief falls on me,
    Drenching me.
    The hair on my face clings to my cheeks,
    Running the black course of wet paths... more »

  • The Strength Of Glass

    The depth of your touch can never be explained
    Nor the intensity of your kiss
    The vigor in your love is unequaled
    As is the passion glowing in your eyes... more »

  • The Surprise

    Close your eyes
    Hold on tight
    I’ve a surprise
    One you’ll like... more »

  • The Sweet Smell Of Love

    Do you remember the very first time
    You lay eyes on me?
    It was a while back, it was indeed
    But to me I remember it as if it were just this morning... more »

  • Without You

    Your scent still lingers
    hours after you’ve left.
    This place that surrounds me,
    bounds me, taunting me... more »