• Painful Beauty

    He was beautiful
    But he never smiled
    His darling hands
    Groped evil in the mist... more »

  • Reflections Of A Broken Glass

    Reflections of a broken glass
    Patterns of a distorted past
    Covered by a gleam of colored dust
    Vanishing with the light dying fast... more »

  • Two Doors Upon Me

    Two doors lay upon me
    Hopelessly waiting to be opened
    I hold a light that flickers in the shadows
    Desperately trying to chose which door to take... more »

  • Two-Fold Plan

    A long stick stood on the side of the road
    Misplaced in a jungle of massive stones
    When in the light of providing a form of guide
    It stayed there a mistake for people to find... more »

  • Wishing On A Star

    I wish on a silvery sky
    We'll stay forever where we lie
    And we may never say goodbye
    But wishes like that nightly die... more »