• A Purification Of Opium

    The clothing of my longing shuns the rare
    beauty of my hands—
    which is obsolescence... more »

  • A.M. Reverie

    my piano is silent
    it is time to put the top down

    there are faces that part... more »

  • Advents Of The Sun

    Over my empty shoulders
    I want you to sear past my skin
    Split my valley with your hair
    as I lay on my back... more »

  • Along The Riddle Of Our Fiery Nights...

    along the riddle of our fiery nights
    my silence found a tongue,
    an intimate, scented handkerchief
    a scarf to tint our world red... more »

  • Angel Pin

    it takes one particular event
    to become
    then to break
    like hands that molded you... more »

  • Bays Are Quaintly Curved...

    bays are quaintly curved by slender light
    crows come like huge black shears

    so suddenly, truth flinched under eyelids... more »

  • Before Focused

    Another day takes
    place in the form
    of a fountain drink... more »

  • Cattleya

    At this time
    I was making love
    to my baby... more »

  • Cycle (Estrangement)

    It's called a whimper-
    that dryness lining the concerted
    folds of your smile
    almost like a disruption... more »

  • Cycle (Happiness)

    Always, as if to never wish to
    betray the will of its being,
    though it may seem at times
    squeezed into a little corner, hugged... more »

  • Days Of The Infrared

    I stretch in my all-night longing
    Today, some things must take their pace:
    The solidness of your touch
    is italicized in your eyes when... more »

  • Dock For The Ship

    We start with the perfect peal
    The iris leaves a path of vanilla, its pillows sweeten
    with your burden your charm drops
    on the grass at my feet, dangling from my toe—... more »

  • His Eyes Lilt...

    his eyes lilt
    bend a rainbow, hurling a double-helix

    that caused... more »

  • Homeostasis

    To ease away from my own brokenness
    I am beyond the level of existence

    a petal deveined from one flower,... more »

  • Human Plant

    your idiosyncracies stick to my
    side like a thorn till I'm sickly,... more »

  • I Tried To Contrive A Song...

    I tried to contrive a song whose
    pearly dreams sheltered beneath sleep
    existed as the sheen in your eye... more »

  • Like A Love Thing

    The day is resting. I opened the
    door and let you in my house
    On the sofa, we made blends of warmth
    while the television talked all night... more »

  • Lyrical Man

    I embrace my only day
    which is night and welcome
    my place in the stars. The heavens
    in its certainty, like your arms:... more »

  • No Butterflies In The Fall

    what happened here
    is a prayer unheard destination
    once blue, born of whispers
    a sigh between blades of grass... more »

  • Pigeon On A Cross (Bitter)

    Hail, young Mary, sweet young Mary
    lay your Son to sleep
    Say your words of fatal curse
    And vow He'd conquer me... more »

  • Postscript For 'Bays Are Quaintly Curved...'

    I murmured my lips
    against a vertical bivalve... more »

  • Silk Road

    I like the way you fuel me
    swim up to my shores
    your hands snake their way
    up my neck and on my shoulders:... more »

  • Since

    I know that in each later day,
    voices can sicken the air for you

    I can talk and watch... more »

  • Teal

    I walk inside you
    like the soul night
    Blessed and charred,
    I sleep awake... more »

  • The Burgeoning Of Wine

    Your consciousness abides in me
    That which rouses in the night
    A choral of yearning from within a sea
    The way your eyes shine in noble heights... more »