Cheryl Tutaan Poems

My First Love

It was a fine sunny day when I first met him,
Tall, dark and handsome, dimples on his cheeks;
I truly admired this man,
The wholeness in him brought thrill to my heart.... more »

Nothing Like You

Nothing like you, can't compare how I feel,
The feeling of everything! The luckiest, the happiest;
The one who teaches me how to be myself,
Whom that belongs to someone in the hidden depths.... more »

Raindrops Keep On Falling

It was raining too hard outside,
Couldn't help but think of you;
You are the loveliest person ever,
That dwells in my heart, taking me out of the blue.... more »

Cheryl Tutaan Quotes

Life without Love and Music is Bland.
-SweetLyrehc© 092117
'The poet's musings, feelings and prose, do belong to the reader, not the earlier.'
-SweetLyrehc© 020718
'SELF LOVE is the sound of SANITY.'
-Cheryl Tutaan-SweetLyrehc© 020918

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Cheryl is a wonderful scribe who fabulously executes exceptional poems❤️❤️❤️
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Cheryl is a brilliant poetess who heartily writes wonderful poems🌹🌹🌹
Bernard F. Asuncion 16 Oct 02:06
Cheryl is an outstanding writer who splendidly scribes superior poems👌👌👌