• A Mother's Day Poem

    On this Mother's Day
    I wish to express my love.... more »

  • Diana, Our Queen Of Hearts

    We'll miss you from across the mile,
    we'll miss your warm and friendly smile.
    We loved you, Diana, from afar,
    and now you are a shining star.... more »

  • Getting Through

    School, school, the golden rule.
    It can be tough, it can be cruel.
    Sometimes I like it,
    Sometimes I hate it.... more »

  • Late For School

    Dedicated to my son, Christopher

    I go to bed so late at night,
    My Mom says 'It's always a fight.'... more »

  • Left In The Dark

    I just don't understand.
    You made the first move,
    I made the second.
    We were perfect at first,... more »

  • School

    School can be fun, or it can be a bore,
    Chalkboards, teachers, learning is a chore.
    Homework I hate, I can't stand it at all,
    Only at recess, is when I have a ball.... more »

  • Terror In America

    Dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attacks in America on September 11,2001.

    It was a bright and sunny day in U.S.A. just like any other.
    But then...what was first thought to be human error,... more »