• Morning

    I wake up after a sound sleep and welcome the morning.
    A new day begins and I see green surrounding.
    The mighty white sky is always mysterious and divine.
    The cool air refreshes and it feels so fine.... more »

  • Mourn And Morning

    The morning seems to be tired sharing grief.
    The night had it all.
    The sunshine lights the green surrounding
    in bright hue.... more »

  • One Afternoon

    One afternoon, a man sat on a bench
    joining a couple sitting on the other end.
    He was at the wide shed waiting for a bus
    to stop and load.... more »

  • The Lovely Flight

    Suddenly a bird appeared at my sight
    I paused staring at its flight.
    It continued to fly and fly.
    Later it was up high in the sky.... more »

  • The Routine

    The sun shone as usual,
    and he was going to work as usual.
    He was in the afternoon shift.
    And there was nothing of a new leap.... more »