• Sonnet 14 - If Thou Must Love Me, Let It Be For Nought


    If thou must love me, let it be for nought
    Except for love's sake only. Do not say... more »

  • Tears

    When I consider Life and its few years -
    A wisp of fog betwixt us and the sun;
    A call to battle, and the battle done
    Ere the last echo dies within our ears;... more »

  • Thanks For Remembering Us

    The flowers sent here by mistake,
    signed with a name that no one knew,
    are turning bad. What shall we do?
    Our neighbor says they're not for her,... more »

  • The Art Of True Love

    The Art of Love is not to be confused with the Act of Making Love.
    The latter can sometimes be merely physical (especially for men)
    the former is Spiritual and involves the Heart the Mind and the Spirit.... more »

  • The Changeling

    Toll no bell for me, dear Father dear Mother,
    Waste no sighs;
    There are my sisters, there is my little brother
    Who plays in the place called Paradise,... more »

  • The Crocodile

    How doth the little crocodile
    Improve his shining tail,
    And pour the waters of the Nile
    On every golden scale!... more »

  • The End Of The World

    Quite unexpectedly, as Vasserot
    The armless ambidextrian was lighting
    A match between his great and second toe,
    And Ralph the lion was engaged in biting... more »

  • The Eyes Are Windows

    The eyes are windows of the heart
    Wherein transparency will show
    A myriad feelings to impart
    From where in sadness, tears do flow.... more »

  • The Message Of The Wind

    The wind comes riding down from heaven.
    Ho! wind of heaven, what do you bring?
    Cool for the dawn, dew for the even,
    And every sweetest thing.... more »

  • The Truce Of Night

    Lo, it is dark,
    Save for the crystal spark
    Of a virgin star o'er the purpling lea,
    Or the fine, keen, silvery grace of a young... more »

  • Time

    Was TIME born with all the sky?
    Can TIME suffer and also die?
    Is TIME flat? Or is TIME round?
    Where is TIME? Can TIME be found?... more »

  • To An Athlete Dying Young

    The time you won your town the race
    We chaired you through the market-place;
    Man and boy stood cheering by,
    And home we brought you shoulder-high.... more »

  • To Lucasta, Going To The Wars

    Tell me not (Sweet) I am unkind,
    That from the nunnery
    Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind
    To war and arms I fly.... more »

  • Trees

    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.

    A tree whose hungry mouth is prest ... more »

  • Warm Summer Sun

    Warm summer sun,
    Shine kindly here,
    Warm southern wind,
    Blow softly here.... more »

  • When Cold December

    WHEN cold December
    Froze to grisamber
    The jangling bells on the sweet rose-trees-
    Then fading slow... more »

  • Winter

    When icicles hang by the wall
    And Dick the shepherd blows his nail
    And Tom bears logs into the hall,
    And milk comes frozen home in pail,... more »