• Green

    Green, that was the color she liked
    Green, that was the color of life
    Green, that was the sign to unite
    Green, that was the sign for earth right... more »

  • I, You, Hlm

    I remember the day when we met
    I thought I was Romeo and you were Juliet
    I was a young cadet, built and fearless
    I stood with envy, my fair goddess... more »

  • Julia My Love

    It all started when our eyes first connect
    Electric current and pure love, respect.
    The inane Cupid had shot his arrows
    Eliminating the boundary and the empty hollows.... more »

  • The Runaway

    Coldness, Darkness
    Spiraling down his spine as he ran
    Away, from the entangling threat and stresses
    Of his present and his past.... more »

  • The Street Empty, The Sun Set

    The street empty, the sun set
    The shadow consumes my habitat
    I sat in my rocking chair and lit a cigarette
    Rocking back and forth to the sound of old cassettes... more »

  • Untitled 1

    If you were a boat,
    I will be the lighthouse
    Guiding, directing you
    To the safe harbor in my arms... more »

  • You And Me

    I sat in this room, in this leathered chair
    Worried about nothing but myself and my hair
    I remembered her comment on my newly bought shirt
    And the sky blue shoes that came in a pair.... more »