• Animus

    I weep but my thorns dont sleep
    I cry, to be happy I try
    With every breath i dream
    To be a gastby my strife... more »

  • Chaos

    not anticipated, not required
    aneruption of maximum desire
    cultivated in secret
    strictly to be admonished but yet cherished... more »

  • Demons

    Deadmen March, in the silent chant
    the whispers echo in my soul
    Feelings slither into my being
    Unfamiliar thoughts cloud... more »

  • Hidden

    iam the light griming in the darkness
    or am i the darkness consuming the light
    am the one in the womb
    hidden to the barbarities of this aeon... more »

  • Partner In Crime

    Was it the innocence in your eyes
    or was it the fullness of your heart
    i loved the little mischief moments we had
    truly u were my partner in crime... more »

  • Truth

    right or wrong
    the everlasting song
    good or bad
    is the difference that hard... more »