Chiku was born in December 1991 in Iowa. She
Grow up traveling with her present moving from place to place
Mostly she sent her time in Africa in Malawi. Chiku’s present Mr. Joseph Bvumbwe is a bishop at the Lutheran church. i injoy writing poems because i can be who i want to be without anyone telling me what is wrong and what is right. i just pray to God that my poems go bigger then this. i've just got started but my the time am done everyone will have known me and what am about because this is what i want to do. God bless


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Dream of me
Dream of love
Dream of joy... more »

Little Girl

Love is so hard
Maybe everything is hard. I wish upon a star that where ever you
Are you find your way back to me little girl. I miss you too much.
My heart can’t let go of You cuz you’re my baby girl.... more »

I Don'T Understand

Cold emptiness confused about what we had.
Why did you live me without a word?
I don’t understand.
The expiration on my face tells it all.... more »

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Chiku Bvumbwe 28 Jul 2007 12:03
my poems come from the heart