• A Sunday!

    That was a Sunday, all kind of us together for a day,
    Sat for a usual weekend credo all in a tray,
    Tots, youth, men and women all in expanding rows,
    Thoughts of mind not so few, entered the little toes.... more »

  • Grab A Try!

    Hey, you little, giggled the hilltop as the tiny toes tried to look at,
    Maybe no, maybe yes, maybe never, soon brain had all maybes hitting each other,
    Confusions compromising caliber, as dream decides,
    Determine your dream, as you tie each invisible knot with hillcap,... more »

  • Had I Never Thought...

    Had I never thought, once met, its just a meeting,
    Had I never thought, once started, it travels to the end,
    Had I never thought, once seen, it's just a blink,
    Had I never thought, once talked, it's just a memory,... more »

  • Life - A Wonder

    When the world is continuing from me to you,
    All the life's a journey, each being new,
    The pushed back roads not being minor, life nears the stop,
    And all being vanished from the sight, far from the start,... more »

  • Puddles

    You clear the trees and you shape the curves,
    You built the roads and you fill its serves,

    You put up traffic lights and you tight the eyes,... more »

  • Scrap Away That Something

    ... more »

  • The E In She

    When she is embattling in the hunt for empowerment,
    She is edifying the efface of evil within and without,
    She ensures enshrining excellence except for embezzlement,
    She becomes eloquent of an egalitarian environment,... more »