• Africa

    So they came to us preaching, teaching, searching for hidden treasures
    Over the gin gingerly we laid down our (s) words
    While khaki killed the brief sacks brother man a time embraced
    And cakey look took over the cam wood's grace... more »

  • Dead Men Tell No Tales

    There, I sat, pruning weeds off his grave,
    A great story teller he was,
    Recounting his youthful deeds with great vigor;
    He had not a match in sight.... more »

  • In The Long Run

    In the long run we would live to tell our tales,
    About how we thrived on despite many woes,
    About how we comfortably hid our trying times,
    And let the world see only what we willed it to see.... more »

  • Love Me

    Love me
    You said
    But why would I give you the weapon with which to maim me?
    I look into your eyes... more »

  • Reincarnation

    There is Life after Death
    Not above or beneath as we think
    But here again on earth.
    Life is a cycle... more »

  • Sixty

    Life unto death
    Struggles of the earth
    Gave the life away
    A proud and well bred all to no avail... more »

  • Zaph Enath-Paneah- "One To Whom Secrets Are Revealed" (Joseph)

    Betrayed and rejected
    Loved by his father
    Hated by his brothers
    Threatened by his dreams of the future... more »