• Ain'T It?

    Pending days up until I uncover
    Easy days waiting to be uncovered
    Another day as we sit in parade ice
    Call up Beans and tell her to come... more »

  • An Understatement

    an understatement
    you look at me like never before
    sparkling, glistening of the eyes
    that comes from a beautiful soul... more »

  • At Par

    Everytime I couldn't close my eyes
    Everytime I couldn't tame my heart
    To the bedroom window I would go
    See the stars' shine is what I'd do... more »

  • Blanket Of Lies

    it's cold out there
    where the truth lies
    where reality bites
    where cowards are nowhere to be seen... more »

  • Blossom

    Every night I'm tangled in a blanket of stars
    Thoughts are just mere thoughts
    Without a cause
    Bring it on now... more »

  • Blue Shingsa Covered In Debris - Cut Into 2 By 2 Pieces

    No one wants to speak about it. Follow me down the railroad. And don't forget to kill the toad. Come on...come down...come out from where you hide.

    Turn the lights off so we can see shit. The first one hurt so bad - the hit. The rest makes me numb...come down...come out from where you hide.... more »

  • Broken Twig

    they feed and prey together
    tormenting as they like
    where are all the laughter
    to bring dimmed light fader... more »

  • Cloud 9

    when my world's down on the upside
    when I'm pinned down on the inside
    she'd always be my side
    trying to convince the otherwise... more »

  • Crowded Minds

    Messed my mind today
    thinking what I've lost today
    blinking eyes alone in the rain
    so glad I made my mama's day... more »

  • Dye

    hands tremble, eyes dilate
    reminiscent of the similar days
    omniscient about nothing, nays
    leaving on a jet plane... more »

  • Embrace

    Can't keep to myself
    If can't keep to you
    Miss it with all my heart
    Then I bid it goodbye... more »

  • Fallacy

    life is a formulated fad
    and nobody's born bad
    he senses a wandering mind, so beautiful
    oh it's the end... more »

  • Grin

    ey it's still here
    lurking somewhere down there
    thought it had left for good
    guess it was always here... more »

  • I Have A Dream

    I have two hands
    Complemented by a dream
    I hold it in my hand
    Not the left but the 'right' hand... more »

  • Idea Of Reciprocity

    alas look at this little circle
    that I drew on the sand to be part
    of an idea that i just scribbled
    of a dream that i have embedded... more »

  • In The Middle

    sipping different cups of life's pitch black
    staring ahead of line i couldn't watch my back
    shave my long dead hair off my skin they crawl
    in the middle of the pain i disembowel... more »

  • Ink

    seems to be the wind, seems to make him sing
    in the ink of the night, on the brink of the day as i... more »

  • Is A Bell Ringing?

    Some say this is cool
    Others might say that is cool
    As white as a cotton wool
    That I guarantee you... more »

  • Me, Myself And I

    My heart speaks louder than my mouth does
    My synapses respond better when my brain cells are dead
    My spine hurts whenever I lay on comfy materials
    My intentions are never meant for myself... more »

  • Mystery

    While Cobain's death is still a mystery
    Leaving mists and specks to be figured out
    Leaving his passion, his life behind
    Leaving me a gift that I've held on for sometime... more »

  • Numb

    He thinks, therefore he exists?
    Blinding eyes are signs of disguise
    Leaving just specks gazing at the sunrise
    Minds are in state of abysmal... more »

  • Pachyderm

    O' my elderly world, am I getting too bold?
    The ones who go first were the elderly ones
    Leaving spawns of unfertile aftermaths
    Leaving my elderly world high and dry... more »

  • Palate

    still stuttering and humming
    on to the sound of fear
    and all the babies went silent
    I think i have seen this somewhere... more »

  • Perspiration Of Happiness

    Smell of the shop on my feet
    Monkeys swinging around as they eat
    He keeps long distance afar
    The insides of me stretched apart... more »

  • Seamy

    Wish me good, wish me light
    Wish me all the seamy
    If I do good, before my eyes
    Some may think I'm seamy... more »