• The Deepest Black Is Blue?

    I never mean to be time
    You never mean to beat time
    I never mean to beat time
    I was your time... more »

  • The Ship That Would Never Sink

    Titanic is certainly no match for it
    Adiou Dicaprio, Ja Mata Winslet
    A game it isn't when I yearn for it
    A game it isn't if you too yearn for it... more »

  • This Happens

    You've met your match
    Sounds like a fairy tale
    He's just like it
    He's everything in the fairy tale... more »

  • Timeless

    Crawls in the dark
    Drowned with aching limbs
    Just forget the heights tonight... more »

  • To Feel The Likes...

    if this ain't what you're seeing
    doesn't mean you're blind

    if this doesn't make you feel... more »

  • Transfixed

    tried transfixing the time again
    fill the jar with enigmatic thoughts
    cast aside all the 'spit me' clauses
    now voices still in my dreams... more »

  • Trust

    feels like i'm bein resurrected again,
    unscrewed screw was never bad news,
    never meant to look behind time,
    never meant to hurt your heart...... more »

  • Tunnel Light

    call me out and I'll glisten
    to the fourth and down to zero
    shoot the star, welcome it down
    along the trail of a meltdown... more »

  • When It Comes

    When it comes
    It just comes
    Like the lightning
    It precedes the thunder... more »