• My Demise

    In the event of my demise
    Dont worry, wipe the tears from your eyes
    Know that i was ready, willing to leave
    I cant possibly move on, so please dont grieve... more »

  • Rozlyns Poem

    We just talked, one of the greatest gifts you can give
    Just hearing your voice, was like being born again
    Love and curiosity, pierced through my veins
    Like a horse galloping, without any reigns... more »

  • Set Me Free

    I look in the mirror, into my own eyes
    I see my soul, free without ties
    But it does not fly, it’s too sad to soar
    Sorrow keeps it, deep inside my core... more »

  • Till The End Of Time

    Till the second i take my last breath
    I'll wait for you, cause i have nothing left
    I'm empty all around, walking without my heart
    Mad at myself, thinking how i let us fall apart... more »