• Empty Smiles And Hollow Laughs

    Empty smiles and hollow laughs
    Adorn the faces around me.
    ‘How are you? ’
    Asked merely out of habit... more »

  • Existence

    The glistening petals catch the rising suns light
    As it finds it way through the canopy of leaves above.
    Piercing the darkness made humid by screams.
    Doomed Life so heartlessly placed continues to grow... more »

  • Perfect Rose

    A perfect rose is hard to find.
    Its beauty unmatched, one of a kind.
    Unscathed and unharmed by cruelty, by hate.
    Its neck does not bow, under the weight.... more »

  • Stains

    The warmth in my heart which came from my love, now lost forever.
    Your loving words and sweet embrace poisoned my soul,
    intoxicated my life with thoughts of you.
    This happiness I felt due to the things you said,... more »