• Afterlife

    Im in love with the idea of death
    For it brings relief and peace
    But am i wrong, is there
    Really peace among the deceased.... more »

  • Art

    My art is simple
    With the blades sharp
    And my fingers nimble
    A masterpiece.... more »

  • Hard To Swallow

    We eat to live
    We eat to grow
    We eat to endulge ourselves,
    In the greatness of food... more »

  • Ignorance!

    Consume more,
    You think your strong
    Consume more,
    You think your irresistible... more »

  • Love

    Is what keeps the world sane
    Is what takes away pain... more »

  • Thoughts Of Suicide

    Thoughts of suicide grow
    Why do i think like this?
    Why cant i live in harmoney?
    Why cant i live in bliss?... more »

  • When Will It End

    I try to avoid his stare,
    Im shaking like a leaf,
    I held tightly to my bear,
    I hear him mumble you little thief.... more »