• Better

    From the first time I said I liked you,
    I have been stuck in this loop,
    I like you, but I never feel right in asking,
    Do you like me?... more »

  • Far Away

    Far Away
    No one is near
    The plan is formed
    Far away... more »

  • Force

    Religion is the center of many people,
    But what about others?
    How do they cope?
    What drives them?... more »

  • Give It All

    It's easy to say it
    But can you really do it?
    Can you give up something you love?
    Can you give up something you love to show on a silver plater?... more »

  • I Dream

    I watch your grace,
    Your face lightens my way,
    I want you to find me,
    Instead of me finding you... more »

  • Religon

    It is the power of some
    weakness of others
    It can help you
    or destroy you... more »

  • The Game

    I stand on the side lines
    Watching, waiting, wanting
    To stand up
    But too afraid so I back down... more »

  • World

    What are we suppose to do?
    From the worlds eye's that is.
    Are we suppose to get rich or die trying?
    Are we suppose to fight for freedom or to kill others?... more »