I am a high school graduate that has led a not so bad life, but yet things still manage to go haywire. My first poem that I created was called 'My Curse' which is about me being in the middle of my best friend of 5 years fighting with me girlfriend of 1 year. It was getting so serious that I considered suicide... luckily I was able to come to my senses and realized that no matter how much i try, there will never be an end to the fighting. I left my friend and me and my Girlfriend left the province of Saskatchewan. After a month, She had to move back to her parents home in South Korea. I've never published any books, or really published anything. I am simply a teenager in Calgary trying to make enough money to live. Thats all.


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My Curse

Right now I'm troubled
it seems nothing gets done right
then we push it all out of sight
we don't want people to hurt... more »

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