• Aegis


    Mountain fog parts, breaking sky into thousands;
    splashing clear dawn unto earth—... more »

  • Ángelos

    All of hands of tongue of talk; wanders as we walk,
    hushed into whispers, etching the ether
    over skylarking streets; - scratchy branches sleep
    hunched – our voices tremble;... more »

  • Esquire Flights Of Fancy

    Take of my shoes and dash across the floor
    in some rhapsodic fashion -I like that word-
    yet to speak softly no more.
    In some rhythm held abrupt by a dime,... more »

  • I, Sentinel

    Byzantine thoughts bypass the thoughts of my fingers;
    trickles down, afoot to my feet
    slowly. Where and when I stop running the sky, opens:
    she opens; her lustful distraction, in the open... more »

  • Sakuranbo

    Trains rush past; organic impulses to the city.
    We, both together:
    staccato... more »

  • Sunset Over Busy Streets

    Walking across autumn streets
    to reach beyond grasp, in vain,
    at the sunset –if only I could hold it still a while.... more »

  • The Nature Of Things

    This world of concrete—viewed through many
    of the same repeating windows—
    seems lost; forlorn.
    Whilst people... more »