Chris 'N' John Poems

In My Country

In my country
Days are turned night
Men turned women
Eagles crawl on ground... more »

The Noon

In the morning
The sky looked bright and cool
With this came a promise
The promise of a sunny day... more »

My Better Half

Sweet in spirit,
Humble and self assured,
Fated yet faithful,
Faith.... Did I hear you say faith?... more »

Chris 'N' John Quotes

Life is but a river, like a river it drowns. You either swim in it or flow with it, whatever you do, just the head above the water is the conclusion of all matters.
Chris'N' John
It is not all that is obtainable that is acceptable but all that is acceptable is obtainable be wise
To live life is good, but its most wonderful when its essence is achieved and that is; understanding oneself and condoning that of others.
Chris 'N' John

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