• Adieu To The Greatest Of Them All

    You could'nt be stopped
    Not when you were and now that you are not
    Your echo resounds like the wave of a mighty ocean
    Not one could do but speak your name... more »

  • All For What

    The surge of ideas
    Begriming me with past ideals
    All but for the many concerns
    And all for what... more »

  • Attracted

    I saw you stealing a glance
    And noticed your coloured face
    The twist of the mouth corners
    And the quivers of the eyelids... more »

  • Black Mother

    Gone is your peace
    The peacefulness of your terrain
    Gone is your joy
    The joy of your offsprings... more »

  • Blacky

    Silence and the many sounds of activities
    Awake me to the realities
    Of a write lost
    That must be saved... more »

  • Dike Nime Ogbe

    The tinny little lone stone
    An over sight of many at a time
    But for the appearance of Omalicha
    How has years moulded you... more »

  • Dogged

    As dogged as can be
    Moulded just as the star can be
    Quite yet very loud
    The character can only be... more »

  • Halleluyah


    Thank God... more »

  • I Say You Are Golden

    You are who you are,

    For your date you are,... more »

  • In My Country

    In my country
    Days are turned night
    Men turned women
    Eagles crawl on ground... more »

  • In The Colours Of Shining Stars

    They have taken away the essence from the pride,
    They have taken away the honour from the honour,
    All that is left is a bunch of blockheads,
    In the colours of shining stars.... more »

  • My Better Half

    Sweet in spirit,
    Humble and self assured,
    Fated yet faithful,
    Faith.... Did I hear you say faith?... more »

  • Predestinated

    They lived averagely
    I was told
    Maybe destined together to age
    I may never know... more »

  • The Noon

    In the morning
    The sky looked bright and cool
    With this came a promise
    The promise of a sunny day... more »

  • The Rhythm

    To your nest
    I said
    To your nest... more »

  • What A Breath

    Oh what a breath
    So feable yet too precious
    What a beat
    So gentle yet wondrous... more »

  • What Is Love

    Love, what is love?
    Sweet bitter heartache love,
    Better live without and never live without love?
    The very foundation of the earth depends on it.... more »

  • Your Day

    The Ice-breaker,
    Noble, obedient and yet,
    The kaleiscopic of Mother nature.
    You are a saccharine to the jungle my loin,... more »