• A Mother's Love

    She'll watch you grow and wipe your tears,
    And help all she can through future years, she'll try and teach you right from wrong, so in mind and body you will grow strong.
    And as you travel through life's weary path, she will let no one change the way you are,
    She's proud of all the love and joy you bring and no one must change anything.... more »

  • An Open Door

    You hang up in a darken sky
    And millions of stars are by your side
    The constellations all around you lie
    Now and then a comet will pass you by... more »

  • Autumn Song

    Can you see the leaves as they fall down
    Some golden yellow some golden brown
    Whispering gently as they fall upon the ground
    Its here its now its autumn all around.... more »

  • Away From It All

    Away from the city I can't wait to be
    The hustle and bustle I want to be free
    Where people are stranger's in every day life
    To my home in the country where everything 's right... more »

  • Children Of War

    Can someone tell us why, the bombs are dropped and bullets fly.
    Places that were once our homes now stand broken all alone.
    We are children of a war, what is it our father's are fighting for.
    we really do not understand all we see is the ruin of our land.... more »

  • Christmas Remembered

    The tree is adorned with wonderful things
    Chocolate and candy and angels with wings
    Bright coloured lights on the branches so green
    With gold and silver baubles hanging in between... more »

  • Four Little Paws

    Four little paws and two bright eyes
    When he's around everything flies
    Plants will go over and down on the floor
    But he'll scamper around then out of the door... more »

  • Give To The Children

    Give to the children a world that is free
    From all kinds of anger frustration and greed
    This world as it is now is no place to be
    Are your eyes open do you really see... more »

  • Harvest Home

    The spring planting was done and fruits ripen under the sun
    The farmers have worked hard through the year
    Now is the time to reap what they sowed
    The wheat and the barley are about to be mowed... more »

  • I Wish I Wish

    I wish I was a bird flying high in the sky
    Swooping and soaring way up high
    Up and down mountains all on my own
    Then back to my nest where I've made my home... more »

  • Island Of My Dreams

    Golden sunsets in deep blue skies in the island of my dreams
    With waterfalls cascading down and trees of rich deep green
    The birds of many colours flying in and out their branches
    So many different songs they sing a choir across the land... more »

  • Man

    The day of the caveman I wonder how it would be
    Rising in the sun in a world that was new
    Hunting animals with crude hand made spears
    And hunting in forests that have yet to be cleared... more »

  • Night Animals

    Night is approaching the light fades away
    Darkness is creeping to take over from day
    Out come the animals that hunt in the night
    The fox or the badger can give you a fright... more »

  • Our Friend The Whale

    Please listen to my tale, about our graceful whale
    .She only has one plea and that is to stay free.
    She wanders through the open sea, an awesome sight for all who see.
    But she's as gentle as a lamb and poses not a threat to man.... more »

  • Out Of My Window

    I look out of my window what do I see
    Why only the moon peeping down on me
    Gone are the trees they're nowhere in sight
    Everythings black except for the lights... more »

  • Shades Of Winter

    The trees are all bare, there, s a chill in the air
    The bright winter moon has a ghostly glow
    As the slow evening mists roll into the valley below.
    Distant trees show darkly through the mists... more »

  • Song Of Summer

    The sound of the birds this summer morn
    Singing so sweetly as they herald the dawn
    Their morning chorus sung for all to hear
    Can anything be sweeter for all our ears... more »

  • Springtime

    Daffodils and Bluebells are covering the ground
    The countryside is alive with colour and sound
    Gone are the frost and the cold wind that blew
    Now spring has arrived and everything's new... more »

  • Storm On The Shore

    The place I like to be on a stormy day
    Is down on the shore with a rolling sea
    The waves are so high they seem to touch the sky
    And the salty spray will sting your eyes... more »

  • The Green Bug

    Where are the forests that were once green
    Where are the animals none can be seen
    Where are the fish that once swam in our seas
    Where are the birds that once flew free... more »

  • The Hunt

    The coutryside is quiet and serene
    And men in red coats can be seen
    Riding through fields and over the stiles
    Those horses must run for miles and miles... more »

  • The Lonely Scarecrow

    I stand in a field alone keeping watch
    The sun and the moon are my only clock
    In the morning and evening I'll always be there
    I never go off for a walk anywhere.... more »

  • The Man Of Our Times

    Born in the yearof eighteen seventy four
    This great man was the son of a lord
    Well educated at Harrow and Sandhurst
    He joined the army on his twenty first... more »

  • The Passing Storm

    The day begins full of peace but there's a storm brewing in the east
    Clouds that were white now turn to grey it going to be a stormy day
    Way up high in turbulent skies dark black clouds now float by
    Silver patterns light up the sky as lightining flashes all around... more »

  • Welcome To This Summer's Day

    Welcome to this summer's day
    The dawn will bring the songbirds
    To sing their morning songs
    And the sun is creeping over the horizion... more »