• #116

    Yesterday’s just a memory,
    Of all the things,
    We thought we could be,
    Life’s growing more complicated,... more »

  • #123

    The corpses of lifeless men,
    Fallen heroes,
    Lie strewn about the ground,
    Stained with blood,... more »

  • #125

    Trapped in a maze of pain,
    Following the path,
    To death,
    Paid in blood,... more »

  • #131

    I watch your words,
    As they,
    Compromise lives,
    Soon it will be to your demise,... more »

  • #132

    Bringer of Light,
    My Creator,
    Set me free,
    From all that I see,... more »

  • #140

    ... more »

  • #141

    ... more »

  • #155

    I watched you leave today,
    Not knowing,
    If it’s the last time,
    We’ll ever meet,... more »

  • #159

    Ignorantly watching,
    His youth passes him by,
    With little rhyme or reason,
    Memories never there,... more »

  • #175

    I smile as I wipe the blood from my sword,
    Another victim,
    Another vendetta finished,
    The cries of agony,... more »

  • #191

    Our eyes meet,
    And then turn away,
    For a brief moment,
    We’re as one,... more »

  • #77

    I look in the mirror,
    And I can’t believe,
    It’s me that I see,
    It wasn’t supposed,... more »

  • A Life Once Lost

    Nothing remains but the pain you cause me,
    it didn't have to end this way. All is gone but the tears I cry.
    They burn my face as a reminder of the pain you've inflicted.
    Living life but not alive, everyday a struggle for survival.... more »

  • Access Denied

    Cold steel penetrates,
    The flesh,
    Arteries and veins collapse,
    Soon I’ll be dead,... more »

  • Can'T Escape

    Trapped in this place,
    Helplessly hoping,
    Of what could be,
    Only to feel the hollowness,... more »

  • Discontent

    Chaos invades my mind, drives me, kills me.
    Can't survive, can't go on, nothings right anymore.
    All is hopeless, who's to say, not me.
    A life shinning brightly, a sparkle as brilliant as a diamond,... more »

  • Dreams

    ... more »

  • Eagles

    High in the sky they fly, Perched for their kill,
    Fabric eagles search, For prey above and below,
    Creatures of the air, Creaking and groaning,
    Cold winds clash, And sting unrelenting,... more »

  • Hurt

    An Axis bold as love, never breaking, always standing.
    Walls stand high and tall, yet, here I am,
    born again wishing for what once was, knowing it can never be.
    What we had was special, untouchable, unlike any other,... more »

  • Just Be You

    Truth be told fanaticism and no respect for
    others destroys our world around us.
    Open your eyes look around, and you will see.
    Hate for one another breeds vengeance and death.... more »

  • Kingdom Come

    The kings are falling,
    Kingdoms crumble,
    The sun turns black,
    As the dead walk the earth,... more »

  • Master...

    I’m yours,
    I’m your master,
    You twist in the wind as I please,
    You’re my desire,... more »

  • My Love...

    Before I met you, I walked alone,
    with my head hung low,
    no hope in this world for me.
    Always asking the good Lord for a good woman,... more »

  • One

    Under a star lit night, our lips embrace, if only for a moment, and then the moments gone.

    As I stare in to your beautiful eyes to see the warmth of your soul, it soothes my own from the trouble I know.... more »

  • One More Day

    Lord give me the will to fight on,
    Lord give me the strength to go on,
    Lord give me the courage to endure,
    All the pain that I know,... more »