• Deo Favente (The Life And Trials Of Foxman - 3)

    Lost little girl its time to leave, the spacecraft has arrived.
    Regal purples, amber red coachwork, framed in greys.
    Key of Solomon, the saucer hovers above a 72 Year genie, La Jinn.
    I wear my Sunday best, Foxman by my side in Oxford wingtip brogues.... more »

  • Department Store Delusions

    Department store drip feed me love
    through a you tube, forests of tangled technology.
    Christmas soon, Jesus died for my ipod?
    Granddad smiles in his pain, now I see him in pharaohs.... more »

  • Desire

    My desires aren't my own
    Happiness in a measurement
    Is this cloth passed down to me?
    The son the father, first passed the post... more »

  • Desperado

    The desperado with a shock of jet black hair,
    chewing, spitting tobacco.
    Bandolero black eyes, it ran in the blood.
    Chain smoking, lawless gambler.... more »

  • Desperado (Part Three)

    The day arrived, in due course.
    At the Fort Worth gun club, a yellow mud turtle lay on his back.
    A stifling summer half day where a rogue solstice grappled with autumn equinox.
    A quarter of a millionth of a kiss of death, in the ether.... more »

  • Desperado (Part Two)

    Desperado rode into town, whisky on breath, blood lust in his will.
    A five a.m madman, with the stainless steel, polished, cocked, loaded.
    He'd come for debts, chewing a toothpick and aspirins.
    He'd come for business as a spectre, a stranger, a highwayman.... more »

  • Dinosaurs In The Bath

    How can today be more beautiful than yesterday?
    Look in the mirror, not at it.
    Your light golden skin colour twenty four hour reminder of the national gallery.
    A one night stand ends up in a wedding.... more »

  • Diversions

    This is where the diversion ends.
    Release my albino pet frog on a mission impossible.
    Her poison tipped darted tongue loaded, ‘oh she looks so innocent.'
    A golden tarantula begins his mating ritual.... more »

  • February

    “Everything that lives must atone for its existence,
    First by living, and then by dying.”
    I read these choice words over and over.
    On the coffee stained dog eared pocket edition of Schopenhauer, no less.... more »

  • Foxman (The Life And Trials Of Foxman - 1)

    I'm sliding against all odds and evens, resisting anarchy.'
    He whips the back of a weekend.
    Fear has to be learnt.
    Half fox half man, a lost idea of his self.... more »

  • Foxman Revisited (The Life And Trials Of Foxman - 2)

    When Fox-man returned God was euphoric with joy.
    ‘Ah I see you've come home Fox? ' God shot him a sideward glance.
    ‘I was always here father you became displeased with me! ' Fox confusingly mumbled.
    ‘Ah, master Fox, have you settled your score with the world yet? ' God smiled.... more »

  • Foxman's Observations (The Life And Trials Of Foxman - 4)

    The American Krispy Kreme doughnuts were equivalents of cheap brash call girls. I bit into one. Mediterranean transferor.
    Reminding me of the last bit of residual ego, in my soul.
    Swallowing it, feeling a lack of confidence. All from one sugary blood rush!
    When preparing for 'War', apparently, water, black coffee, meat, fruit were only necessary. My friend advised me of this.... more »

  • Frog Returns (Childrens)

    Frog was part mad
    if truth would be told.
    Childish and reckless
    despite getting old.... more »

  • Knickerbocker Glory

    Yellows and greens in the sun,
    Hope and fear in a strangers eyes.
    Champagne awards for a new pretender,
    A beg for freedom scribbled in a Valentines Day card.... more »

  • Last Night In Tangiers

    Giants in Hell, was the exact look on that beggars face.
    I walked and walked, back and forth passed back alleys, bars and ruins of Coptic churches. People at the bars were dancing to fill a void, a perfect way to hide, in their voodoo dance trance
    Frame by frame, incorruptible Saturday night dancer.... more »

  • Marrakech: Or The Tale Of The Monkey In The Jemaa El Fna

    The futility of an ego cased in a personality, in flesh.
    Ideas came to me in a juvenile milky coffee.
    Semi copper coloured bricks in a cheap attention seeking hostel.
    Lemonades and liars, frauds and friars, princes and peoples.... more »

  • Meet Me At The Diner

    Welcome to my world, yours, ours.
    Meet at the diner you knocked down with those
    expensive beautiful lies voiced in mock red leather electric booths.
    The trifle reminded me of the French revolution.... more »

  • Mercury In Sagittarius

    Unlit inky Rum, ebony dark chocolate, a Valrhona Grands Crus assortment box.
    They keep discussing ‘Science, technology and Backbenchers’ on Radio 4.
    Droll John Prescott waxes lyrical, still, best known for his episodes of knee-jerk spasmodic violence.
    Pitch black juxtapositions, a collection of symbols in a bewildering equation.... more »

  • Mr Frog [ Childrens ]

    The Frog and his three piece suit
    with his silver eyes and silly charm.
    He bounces around his carriage
    as mad as a spoon.... more »

  • Nature

    Who decided to fashion everything out of clay? God or Iblis?
    Children seemed to be the sanest examples of humanity.
    There were instructions to happiness, bit parts, and stages. Umbilical cords. Flesh.
    Alive, at times in these words, I existed in the syntax, the commas. Existing. Exiting.... more »

  • Networks

    The metallic casings in your mouth made my lips sting
    fillings of iron. Industrial sooty ink, half filled cups of coffee
    Ideas on society and the starving confused me.
    To a point where I questioned my name and image. Twice... more »

  • Nostalgia And Wet Playtimes.

    Nostalgia and wet playtimes, I was always in detention.
    Accidentally cut a gash in my thumb. A cavity in the flesh.
    The blood danced, sprayed out, like Hindu Goddess, Chhinnamasta.
    A chance to appreciate, we were all mortal.... more »

  • Observations Of A Ghost

    The amulet and the talisman argue into a superstitious civil war.
    Over the space they would occupy in that art studio.
    That dust bowl of a dwelling, with its soviet architecture.
    May ‘Ekeko' be with you?... more »

  • Pretium Victoriae

    Aliens enter the atmosphere, once and for all,
    Moses warned them in a wormhole Greenwich Meridian Time.
    Eccentrics and wheelchair bound wizards.
    The coalition congress of Bourbon Restoration,... more »

  • Radio Times

    A stranger meets me on a tall ship, the kruzenshtern.
    Clicking mechanised frogs were a catwalk fashion of the day.
    Radio times red pen circle addict club.
    The child in me expects an enemy at the Kenilworth ancient gate.... more »