• ~falling~

    ~heaven sent
    this little child
    to the world
    so meek and mild~... more »

  • 9-11

    People scream as the plane crashes into the wall
    Pieces on building on fire fall
    Cries of the people down bellow
    Bellowing for loved ones to come out of the snow... more »

  • A Girl Named Hate

    a girl named hate
    stood at heavens gate
    just wishing to be let in
    she breathed out sin... more »

  • A Realization

    The darkness engulfs my train of thought
    And it makes me smile
    I smile to know that for one second
    For one small second... more »

  • Angel Mia

    I'm still here
    looking for a time to heal

    I'm not gone,... more »

  • Change

    Thoughts broke down from my dreams demise
    As I shut my dreaming eyes
    Stars flickered out
    My wish lost truth... more »

  • Darkness To Life

    He cometh with the clouds
    The dark misshaped clouds
    The earth shall wail because of him
    For it sees right thought him... more »

  • Deadly Tears

    Cry my self to sleep tonight
    The night of all nights in November
    The closed shades keep out the light
    So I won't wake from my slumber... more »

  • Death Be Damned

    Will thou not cast me aside from this pain?
    Will mine lips for ever utter thine ugly name?
    Death be damned!
    The dispirited seraph rises again!... more »

  • Description Of A Broken Heart

    Picture a heart, Big and full
    Tear it in half, Take one piece
    Scrunch it up, Then throw it
    In a blazing fire, There's the half... more »

  • Dreams

    A kiss on the brow
    Walking hand in hand
    come to me now
    So I can understand... more »

  • Explanation

    head in my heart
    and my heart in your hand
    the crushing and twisting
    is driving me mad... more »

  • Fall Through Me

    this is my beauty tool
    this is my stop to check the rules
    this is my over all, underworld, stop it all... more »

  • For Nathen

    Heart broken
    Torn and shaken
    Tears fall from my eyes
    Stain my pillow... more »

  • Forbidden Dreams

    The stars shine down
    From the heavens, so brightly
    I can see a few
    From the breaks in the clouds... more »

  • Forever Falling


    An expression of anger, ___Into a ballad of love,
    __the meaning stranger, ___sweeter then the stars above,... more »

  • Freedom

    All I want is freedom
    Is that too much to ask
    All I want is freedom
    To forget everything in my past... more »

  • Graveyard By The Sea

    Sitting in the gloomy grave yard
    Being sprayed by the traitorous sea
    I sketch the forgotten tombs
    Not with colors but with my words... more »

  • Have Got

    I've got the jitters
    I've got the shakes
    I've got my everything it takes... more »

  • Home

    tuesday comes
    and mondays gone
    and i dont know
    were i ever went wrong... more »

  • I Am...Not Me

    When the only one in the world
    That knows my pain
    Is the one person
    Who thinks I'm insane... more »

  • Iconoclast

    I gave my heart to you
    use me, abuse me
    And say you love me too
    take me, forsake me... more »

  • Immortal Soldier

    HALT-listen when I speak
    fear me, trust me
    place your life in my hands
    honor me, respect me... more »

  • Letter

    Dear Steve,
    I could not believe
    That you would always be
    In love with me... more »

  • Little White Dress

    In a little white dress
    She knocked upon his door
    In a little white dress
    She wanted pain no more... more »