• A Dent In The Fender

    what would be worse
    than the curse of beauty?
    the few who knew me
    would do their duty... more »

  • A Pirates Way

    the way of the blood flowed
    like a river of gold
    set sail on natures current and stream
    love is as high as a sun beam... more »

  • Beauty And The Beast

    drinking in an image of myself
    from puddles left by the torid rain
    the muddy water is a way
    to kill something so vain... more »

  • Black Widow Spider

    hanging from a thin web spin
    what I do is sin
    mixing toxins
    that could kill oxens... more »

  • Capitol Gains

    growing grass breaking through
    concrete and the heat
    all the poor, making do
    while the elected take their seat... more »

  • Celtic Woman

    with anticipation do I watch these women
    and I knew
    from the beginning
    that I was smitten... more »

  • Commoner

    if love was a leaf, floating down a river
    and cupid fired arrows, from his quiver
    who would survive the plague
    of love lost or love made?... more »

  • Dance With The Devil

    what is the wisdom of the witch?
    is she a changling?
    then switch... more »

  • Dry Mouth

    when I wither and feel death and the breath dying
    I will not see angels flying, not from where im lying
    I will be in a puddle of blood
    somewhere in the same neighborhood... more »

  • Face Of Her

    unveil the face so my eyes may dance
    and when im held in such a trance
    I will give you tickets
    to a jewelry store... more »

  • Fair Thee Well

    fair thee well, my lady
    for I find the deal a' shady
    you collect and graze
    yet your still a haze... more »

  • Fbi Investigation

    the investigation on going
    everybody's waiting
    nobody is knowing
    did she break the law... more »

  • Fernandina Beach Florida

    what with all the world to see
    a summer's flower and busy bee
    walking down a city street
    eyes to meet, friends to greet... more »

  • Green Night

    when the wind moves the curtain
    one can be certain
    that a pure force of the devil
    plays on this level... more »

  • House Spider

    drink in the death
    your so high
    like crystal meth
    but the bible so long ago... more »

  • Never Ever

    when the sea crashes against the rocks
    and dashing is the fullest cock
    tail held high
    dashing to the eye... more »

  • News From The Zika Zone

    eureka! ! !
    florida has discovered zika
    a virus that's not part of the plan
    and usually infects the Puerto rican... more »

  • Shipwrecked

    broken is the vase
    the vase, which would hold
    a flower so bold
    and this bold and new vase so blue... more »

  • Special Forces

    guardian of the flesh
    winner of many contests
    the deffest most surrounding sound
    is when an angels heart will pound... more »

  • Star Spider

    death becomes her
    she whispers in the dark
    what will I be but
    a dagger in the heart?... more »

  • Tattered Flag

    flesh and bone I have gored
    so many places, i have moored
    the ship I sail
    flies the flag... more »

  • The Pain Of The Little Death

    when the wind blows open the curtain
    certain people will be still
    they may hold a book to feel the grill of a burn
    they may know the mark is hot and red... more »

  • To A Posh English Girl

    with water passing through ancient bricks
    and to see the sun as it sits
    I do admit to lust and trust issues
    would I invite you, just to miss you?... more »

  • Traces Of The Field And The Clouds

    prepare said the devil today
    before god I will get my way
    and you to buckle
    and taste my knuckle... more »

  • Ufo's In Fernandina Beach

    they have come again
    little brown men
    the night gets silent, then the wind
    they want the window opened... more »