• A Broken Body! A Condemned Soul!

    In a wooden nest lies a body.
    A body lies lifelessly there.
    A bag of bones.
    A memoir on woes.... more »

  • A Friend Indeed

    A friend like you I could have known for ages,
    Our Souls must have waited sometime.
    About you, I could write a million pages,
    Our friendship would eternity align.... more »

  • A Lover's Apology

    It came upon a silent night,
    The full moon shining bright,
    When I remembered what I lost,
    And recalculated it's cost.... more »

  • A Lover's Prerequisite

    I looked into her eyes,
    She looked into mine.
    While the beats of her heart,
    Was converted into love by mine.... more »

  • A Mirage

    A long way had I come along,
    A long journey ahead,
    When thirst filled my mouth of song,
    And death itself seemed dead.... more »

  • A Symbolic Cousin (For My Cousin On Her 21st Birthday)

    You are a wonderful friend,
    A great companion too.
    Sometimes a tiring journey wears a person out,
    Strangely all that changes when I am around you.... more »

  • An Abode Of Love

    Love what a wonderful feeling,
    Love that has no beginning,
    Love a well filled with petals,
    Love that blossoms, swells and settles.... more »

  • An Ideal Woman

    Her face is but a lifetime's joy,
    Her lips will the flowers employ.
    Her eyes a melange of sky and sea,
    Her smile is but a melodious plea.... more »

  • Apologetic Love

    Inside I know it's selfishness,
    I think you know it too.
    Yet I know the only solution,
    The very feelings I have for you.... more »

  • Blessed Acknowledgement

    I acknowledged the Lord,
    In all my ways.
    Awaiting His permission each step.
    His divine mercy and infinite grace,... more »

  • Book Of Life

    Indeed it was a troubled mind,
    Which came across a book divine,
    A book written by each breath of life,
    With each thought bad or nice.... more »

  • Bring Some More Unto Me!

    On an island faraway,
    My soul I left to run astray.
    I was stranded in a prison,
    Until I was released into freedom.... more »

  • Curreney

    Paper of evil,
    Metal of spoils!
    Sorrow exist,
    With no happiness,... more »

  • Despair

    My heart upon weak shoulders I carry,
    My soul evaporates by the hour.
    I observe the times, cold and dreary,
    Every second saps natural power.... more »

  • Distant Intimacy

    It seems you are always by my side,
    Though you are far away.
    You always see me through rough tides,
    When friends around, run off to play.... more »

  • Dreams

    Dreams, oh the pleasure,
    Of glorious companion,
    Assist me in my search for treasure,
    While I journey in sleep's convention.... more »

  • Elected Monsters

    I ran for parties,
    I rushed for trials.
    I mingled with the rich,
    I crowded with the weighty.... more »

  • Heart Of Deceit

    The tranquility of a river,
    My heart could not deliver.
    The cry of pain,
    My heart averted in vain.... more »

  • His Compassion, His Mercy

    My soul seeks for compassion,
    My being for mercy yearns,
    I have sinned, I have sinned,
    I have sinned against my God.... more »

  • His Gentle Gaze

    In the morning,
    when I get up
    His gentle gaze
    gives me the... more »

  • I Sit And Wait For Her

    I sit and wait,
    On that hill top,
    Importuning every gust of wind,
    For an answer to that same question,... more »

  • If Love

    If love could be another word,
    If love always is true,
    If love’s all the world’s about,
    Then Honey, love is you.... more »

  • If Only

    If only I could hold your hand,
    And not want to hold it longer.
    If only I could look at you,
    And not want to behold you longer.... more »

  • In His Arms

    In His gentle arms,
    All worries gone.
    In His cosy arms,
    All joy is born.... more »

  • Life So Brief

    Under the debris, I hear a boy crying.
    Under the mud, I hear a mother screaming.
    Under water, I see a father struggling.
    Under grief, I hear a girl lamenting.... more »