• A Grasshopper Life

    Grasshopper hopping from the brittle grass,
    leg-sprung—flung hip-high onto hot cement—
    your sidewalk legs waltzing, flaunting a hint
    of happenings. I see you now! —hopper—... more »

  • Patent's Caveat

    (From Edison's proposal for the kinetoscope)

    We see May & hear it perfectly as if
    whole illusions presented actual
    performances. A complete opera
    years before a place may have taken it.... more »

  • The Brochure

    (Inspired by 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte')

    The movie is not worth the ten dollars
    That I had paid, so while it is playing,... more »

  • Why I Look At Girls

    I look at girls as an act of escapism
    while reading books at Barnes & Noble
    on the death of poetry. I look at girls
    because I think Darryl Hannah was perfect... more »